Saturday, 23 January 2016

Spice of Life CAL: My Mexican Fiesta version

I am not alone in playing with the Spice of Life Crochet-A-Long.:  bright Mexican Fiesta kinda colours were my choice.  I'm using mostly yarn from Spotlight, 4 Seasons 50g wool, and about 18 colours (which is a few more than the original).  There are lots of pictures of completed blankets in a multitude of appealing colour combinations.

As I'm undertaking this with my local knitting and crochet group, I've got Motivation to Keep Up and finish it by June (we're doing a section each month, not weekly).

This is a clever pattern for crocheters both new and old, a chance to practise skills and develop new ones in the context of a blanket (it doesn't have to fit anyone but it will still keep 'em warm!).   The designer, Sandra Paul, notes on her blog the basic skills the blanket requires.

I would recommend reading both the designer's notes and the patterns.  While they are generously filled with links to tutorials and with photos to help you see how do do various stitches, there are sometimes notes on the blog that haven't been put in the pattern.  The pattern is free.

My other suggestion is to use the colour-exchange pages as a guide to the (not consecutively numbered) 129 rows.  And highlight the rows that are trebles.

There are also threads on Ravelry, Instagrammers with posts, a Facebook group - lots of options if you want to undertake this and engage on social media.

Note: links are in UK crochet terminology.

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