Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Modern Crochet 1 workshop (Knitters' Guild of NSW)

So there's this workshop on in March in Sydney 
(at the bargain price of $20 for members of the Knitters' Guild of NSW...) 
(which does include crocheters)...

It's not a learn-to-crochet class: it will be assumed that you know the stitches noted in the flyer.  The guild is looking at offering learn to crochet classes sometime this year.

So some class samples need to get done...

A blooming flower cushion... (see, I do actually crochet, not just blog about other crocheters!) 
(Yes, I do know you can thread the yarn through the holes of your colander yarn bowl, but I prefer the freedom of not doing this.  Each to their own! My best yarn bowls are op shop finds - hmmm, inspiration for another blog entry...)

Need to make another of these coin purses
(Since I gave this one away as a sample to the Red Cross ladies).

Note:INSTRUCTIONS in UK crochet terminology.

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