Friday, 15 January 2016

Katniss Cowl, Huntress Cowl, Hunger Games-inspired Cowl: texture and simplicity

There were many people inspired to replicate the grey cowl worn by Katniss in the Hunger Games films.  It's sometimes listed as 'huntress cowl' if you're searching for versions of it.

Friendly Red Fox has a version that isn't quite the original, but is a very wearable cowl - worn as one loop or two - with lovely surface texture using front and back post techniques.

She shows how you can wear it three ways:

Image from link given above

At my knitting group meeting, there is an annual destash market day, where you can pick up some lovely yarn.  I acquired some Italian merino Aran/10ply yarn in orange, and it made up beautifully into my version of this pattern.  The one change I did was to start with a chainless foundation, so the edge would lie flat.

Note: links are in US crochet terminology.

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