Sunday, 17 January 2016

Admirable Crocheter: Lucy of Attic24

If you like crochet, and have been paying any attention at all for the last while, you can't have missed Lucy of Attic24.  She lives in Skipton in Yorkshire, and has a huge following.

For the good reason that she's making cool stuff in joyful colours with careful, detailed photo tutorials and patterns, all generously free.  Neat ripple blanket, Blooming flower cushion, blankets and flowers and goodness, oh my.  She's started trends and encouraged others and is altogether admirable.  Modern crochet with a nod at the past and an eye to the present.  Crochet for creativity and to keep her family warm.

(And she writes crochet instructions in UK terminology, o happiness!)

She's on Ravelry, and there are also Rav groups of Lucy/Attic24 enthusiasts.

Note: links are in UK crochet terminology.

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