Saturday, 26 December 2015

V-stitch Beanies

The knitters' and crocheters' guild I attend decided to supply the local NICU with Christmassy beanies this year.  I went hunting for a crochet pattern and lucked onto this excellent one: (US terminology: instructions for various sizes)

V-stitch has the advantage of having some stretch (some crochet can be more rigid than knitting) and the cheery chevron adds to the effect (I carried the colours up so only had four ends to work in).

Here are two I made:

Two more were made for newly-grannied friends.  The baby size only took a couple of hours to make.  I made some in soft merino wool and some in cotton blend yarn, all 8 ply, 4mm hook.

Our group gave over seventy beanies - how lovely to think of those little ones with warm Christmassy heads.

Note: links are in US crochet terminology.

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