Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Moss stitch

The background for the blog( at present anyway) is a moss stitch blanket I'm crocheting.  I'm using a wide variety of colours and brands in 8 ply cotton and cotton blend yarns, and a 5mm crochet hook.

I was inspired by this tutorial:

And if you want to try it, she has instructions in English and step by step photos.

In UK crochet terms, once you've started it's just dc, chain, dc, chain.  Lovely easy mindless chugalong crochet. The random colours add to its charm.

If you work it in one colour, then it's the same both sides.  As I'm starting a new colour for each row, one side is different to the other as I'm always starting at the same end (as opposed to turning and carrying on with the same colour).

My plan is a blanket around 60 inches square (100dc in each row). Colour choice for each row is pretty much random; sometimes I'm asking someone nearby to pick the next colour when I get to the end of the row.  At a social gathering the other day I had plenty of people to ask; and even ended up showing one of the other people how to crochet - she thought she'd forgotten. And remembered, and thought she might try it again...

In a smaller size, this has excellent scope as a baby blanket using odds and ends of yarn.

Note: links are in US crochet terminology.

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