Wednesday, 23 December 2015

One Vivid Leaf

Why one vivid leaf?

Because it's about noticing, and time.  Any craft is about time, and choices in spending time, and choices in making.

One day, on the way out to my car at day's end, it had been raining, and there was this leaf, glowing on the asphalt path.  One of many.  But I stopped and took a photo (thanks, Hipstamatic app) and had a moment that wasn't about work or home or worries, but just about the moment.

Craft and making are about the moment, too.

While I've done many kinds of needlecrafts since childhood, I'm exploring the possibilities of crochet at this point in my life: although it has a daggy reputation for embarrassing old-lady stuff, in reality it's dynamic and modern and fun and easy.  And you get to play with yarn and colour and pattern.  And make stuff.  And give other people things they're happy to receive and you enjoyed making.

So the plan for this blog is to share things I find and things I make, mostly crochet but with maybe a few detours.

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